Chemistry Features

I.F. Lab has integrated its cutting-edge chemical knowledge with innovative technology to create good grounds for its confident growth in the future. Our current and long-term programs are devoted to most vital and pressing problems in life sciences and medicinal chemistry.

I.F. Lab has successfully completed many custom synthesis projects, confirming its profound academic background and substantiating its most up-to-date research approaches.

It is one of the pioneering Ukrainian exporters to supply its state-of-the-art products and services to the international market. I.F. Lab is proud of its continued partnership with more than 1800 customers from Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Japan and other countries, with this number steadily growing from year to year.

The Company has got a self-sufficient infrastructure and up-to-date facilities: a separate newly renovated building, production and analytical equipment, full-time workforce and other essential conditions for implementing complex interaction with customers, including formalization and protection of IP rights.

Purity of over 90% and quality control are guaranteed by a quality control unit equipped with up-scaled devices, NMR (Varian® GEMINI 2000 400 MHZ with an Oxford Instruments superconducting magnet; Varian® VXR-300 300 MHz; Varian® Gemini 200 MHz;) and LCMS and GC (Agilent® 1200 and Agilent® 1100 with over 10 types of columns; Agilent® 5975C GC/MSD)


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