About Us

Innovative organic chemistry: HTS products and services, medicinal chemistry CRO, bio- and chemoinformatics

I.F. Lab is a unique environment with a high-capacity storehouse of custom products and services, ranging from hit discovery to hit-to-lead and lead optimization.

We are ready to tackle any sophisticated problems of modern organic chemistry, taking best advantage of our synthetic expertise in custom synthesis and computational chemistry.

Company Profile

I.F. Lab Ltd., an advanced synthetic laboratory, was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1995. It started as a small private business, producing and selling HTS compound libraries and carrying out small-scale custom synthesis.

The Company’s dynamic business development and on-going investments have enabled it to grow fast to achieve its present well-grounded position on the market as a highly recognized outsourcing partner for leading research institutions and manufacturers involved in drug discovery.

I.F. Lab, together with Spoluka Chemicals, Kyiv, Ukraine, Life Chemicals USA, Woodbridge, CT, Life Chemicals Europe, Unterhaching, Germany, Life Chemicals China, belongs to a family of chemical R & D companies associated with Life Chemicals Inc., Ontario, with the latter being the headquarters to perform sales, supply, customer support and coordination. I.F. Lab and all companies mentioned above operate as an integral whole where every single company is focused on its individual range of products and/or services and, at the same time, all are motivated by achieving their common goal.

The Company possesses a significant multitasking intellectual potential and modern in-house production capacities. I.F. Lab employs best skills and qualifications of 25 chemists and represents many branches of modern organic chemistry, with its best results achieved in chemistry of heterocycles.

Our achievements and results of the Laboratory’s experimental and R & D work are demonstrated at professional gatherings and exhibitions, in publications and presentations.


I.F. Lab Ltd.
5 Murmanska Street
02094 Kyiv Ukraine
Phone: +38 044 391 66 17
Key contacts: Mr. Anton Chervyuk
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